You Know You’re A Farmer

As I’m going through my “read the bible in a year plan” the Old Testament is becoming quite alive with all things farm related. There are so many scriptures that talk about goats and sheep and food and gardening it has me totally engrossed.  I feel like I’m becoming the butt of a new joke that starts with “You know you’re a farmer when…” So here are the passages that have made me stop and say hmmm? for a moment… And made me realize I’m definitely turning into a farmer!

  • When God created the world it says he specifically made livestock and wild animals. God knew we would need farmers! 
  • Did Jacob know from experience what would happen when he put the reeds in front of the goats while they were breeding or was it faith that caused this strategy to work?
  •  Was there a reason Rebecca slaughtered two goats for a meal for one man when she was trying to trick Isaac into believing Jacob was Esau? Did she sacrifice one as a burnt offering or was she just getting ready for everyone else’s dinner as well? 
  • Had I ever noticed that Rachel was a shepherdess, she must have been very brave to be out in the pastures with all the dangers that come with that job.
  •  Did you ever ponder the ratios of female to male livestock Jacob gave to Esau as a peace offering. Well I certainly just did!

I bet you’ll start doing it now and wonder why you’ve never noticed. Get a few chickens and your mind starts being blown! Have a happy Tuesday y’all;)